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6 Wild Asian Cam Industry Facts You Need To Know About

Though it’s an industry that sadly continues to undergo stigmatization, the fact is that cam work is increasingly accepted in the modern age, and we can only hope that this trend continues.

The Asian cam industry is a relatively new one, and it’s still evolving at an incredible pace. As the technology available to cam girls and their viewers improves – we’re already seeing things like VR and teledildonics being gradually incorporated into cam shows – we’re likely to see even crazier developments in the industry.

But even now, there are a lot of facts about camming and websites specializing in Asian cams that are sure to blow your mind. In this article, we plan to reveal 7 of the wildest facts that you never knew about the cam industry. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

There Is Still a Stigma Surrounding The Profession

Camming can be a hugely lucrative occupation, with some of the top cam girls in the business earning north of half a million dollars per year – and that’s often working part-time, with month-long breaks in between shows.

However, camming is sex work, and sex work continues to be unfairly stigmatized even in 2023. This causes many cam girls to hide their profession or be misleading about it, lest they be shunned by family and friends.

Even in more progressive Asian countries, people are often dismissive of sex workers, viewing sex work as not ‘real work’ and looking down upon the girls themselves.

There is, unfortunately, a long way to go before society as a whole overcomes its knee-jerk judgmentalism and tendency toward discrimination.

Cam Girls Make Far Above Minimum Wage

Despite its stigmatization, the fact is that plenty of performers do turn to cam work to pay the bills, simply because it’s great money.

Cam girls can make, on average, $15-30 per hour. As mentioned earlier, extremely successful cam girls can make a small fortune – even while working part-time.

What’s more, unlike some other forms of sex work (for instance, prostitution) cam work tends to be much safer, while still offering a lot of financial security. There is no risk of STIs, for instance, and pushy/violent clients can simply be blocked with the push of a button.

Cam Girls Make A Lot More Money Than Cam Guys

Anyone who’s ever visited a cam site can tell you that the ratio of female to male performers is vastly skewed. The reason for this is simple: the majority of visitors to Asian cam sites are straight guys, and they want to see girls.

Though there is demand for guys on such sites, there is nowhere near as much as for girls. The clients of cam guys are overwhelmingly gay men, and there simply aren’t as many gay men visiting cam sites as straight men. This lower demand means that male cam models make a lot less than their female counterparts.

It’s A Surprisingly Difficult Job

People are often as dismissive of cam work as they are of any sex work, assuming that it’s easy money and that it’s as simple as sitting around in your underwear and looking pretty. Who couldn’t do that, right?

Looks aside (which is, obviously, a factor), there is a lot of work that goes into camming. It’s actually quite a physical job (many viewers will expect girls to use toys and ‘fuck machines’ that are quite physically demanding) and many Asian cam girls work long hours in order to make ends meet.

The job can also involve a high amount of emotional labour, too. What does this mean? All that time spent listening to their problems (you’d be amazed how many cam girls double as therapists) is quite laborious and mentally taxing, and definitely qualifies as work.

And though it may be liberating to be working on behalf of yourself, with no boss to answer to, the fact is that cam girls do need to pay a cut of their earnings to the platform on which they’re operating. At the end of the day, being a cam performer is like any other job – and is certainly no walk in the park.

Cam Girls Display A Lot Of Industry Solidarity

Sex work can often be a difficult industry to work in. From clients trying to get freebies without payment to unpleasant viewers who’ll insult or harass the girls, there’s a lot to be wary of when getting in front of that camera.

What are cam girls to do, then? It’s not like they have a union or anything. But they do have each other.

Many Asian cam girls frequent forums where they exchange tips, discuss frequent clients and warn each other about creeps. If someone gets out of line on more than one cam girl’s feed, she’ll warn her colleagues about him – and he’ll quickly find himself on an unofficial blacklist.

It’s a bad idea, then, to alienate multiple cam girls in the quest for freebies or in an attempt to get her to do stuff she’s not comfortable with. Chances are she’ll let other girls know, and any client who tries such things will be out in the cold.

Cam-Girl Clients Are Typically Regular Guys

If that last entry gives the impression that cam-girl clients are creeps, then it’s time to clear the air. Most cam viewers are regular guys who simply need to get their rocks off, and they generally treat the girls respectfully.

Some may have just come out of a relationship; others have niche kinks that they can’t satisfy anywhere else. More than one cam girl has recounted stories of clients who wanted nothing more than to listen to a girl recite Shakespeare while fingering themselves.

However, we asked some cam girls performing on PDcams.com for their opinion and, overwhelmingly, many of the cam girls there report that most of their clients are nice guys just looking for something that they can’t get elsewhere. Cam-girl clients, then, should no more be stigmatized than the girls themselves.


Though it’s an industry that sadly continues to undergo stigmatization, the fact is that cam work is increasingly accepted in the modern age, and we can only hope that this trend continues.

Asian sex workers deserve respect as much as anybody else, and this goes for cam girls as well as any other sex workers, such as those working in JAV porn. Speaking of which, I think I’m going to go and watch some as a warm-up for my next Asian cam sex session!

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