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JAV Movies everyone must watch - these are our most popular videos

These are our most popular movies every JAV lover should watch

There are over 400,000 JAV movies in our database here at JAV Films, and we continue to add thousands more each month.

Throughout history, some of these movies have been huge hits, while many others have been a let down.

Below are our most popular movies that we believe are a "must watch" for every JAV lover out there (and yes, they have pretty awesome storylines).

#5 ADN-368 starring Ayaka Mutou

ADN-368 storyline is about a boy who is turned on by his friend's mom. She seduces him when he comes over and they end up "doing it" over and over again in secret.

#4 JUFE-354 starring Reona Tomiyasu

JUFE-354 storyline is about a married man ends up going on a business trip with his female colleague, who quickly seduces him into having sex with her behind his wife's back.

#3 JUL-782 starring Asahi Mizuno

JUL-782 storyline is about a hot and horny female colleague who goes on a business trip with her colleague. She comes onto him while he's in the bath and they end up "enjoying" the trip together a LOT more.

#2 PPPD-966 starring Karen Yuzuriha

PPPD-966 storyline is about a horny girl with huge boobs who wants to "do it" with her step brother. She couldn't control herself and forces her naked body onto him. Of course, he loved it.

#1 SSIS-241 starring Yua Mikami 

SSIS-241 storyline is about a school teacher who falls in love with her student - a "boring" kid from class. She was very wrong when he turned out to be a sex maniac. They quickly grow attached to each other and banged their evenings away.

Popular JAV Movies

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