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DMM no longer accepts Mastercard as method of payment

DMM did not give any reason to why Mastercard has been removed from its list of payment methods

On 20th July, DMM made a sudden announcement that shocked many people in the JAV industry.

The company announced that it has terminated its contract for accepting payments with Mastercard, and will eventually be removing Mastercard from its list of payment options on all of the company's websites.

The announcement came as a shock to customers, many of which have attached their credit cards for purchases on DMM's websites.

The announcement on DMM's website.

According to the announcement, customers can still use Mastercard to make payments until 2PM on 29th July 2022 (Japan time).

A new notice has also started appearing on DMM's website(s) informing users to update their card details to other providers such as Visa, JCB, Amex, and Diners.

While no reason was given to why Mastercard was removed from the list of payment methods, many speculate that it has something to do with the payment giant not accepting vendors of "unauthorized products" — pornographic material included.

Despite the removal, most products on DMM's website(s) are still purchasable using points, which can be topped up using Paypal

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