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Best websites to download JAV Subtitles that are accurate

We have curated the best websites to download JAV Subtitles that are free (or low cost) and reliable (human translated)

Japanese adult videos (JAV) are insanely popular.

Ever since they were first introduced, millions of people in both Japan and all over the world have downloaded and streamed them online.

But in the recent years, a new phenomenon has become very popular in the JAV industry — JAV Subtitles.

Yes that's right, subtitled Japanese adult videos have become increasingly popular simply because more and more foreigners have started watching them in recent years.

This post lists down some of the best and most reliable websites for finding JAV subtitles, which focus on 3 key conditions:

  • Subtitles can be available for download instantly (usually in .srt or .ass formats).
  • Subtitles are either free or low cost (under $19 per download).
  • Subtitles are human translated and are accurate (not translated by robots or translation services).


1. JAV Films

Yes, that's us (shameless promotion here) JAV Films is one of the best places to watch a massive library of Japanese adult video trailers, all for free. 

And yes, at the same time, we have a huge collection of subtitled JAV movies which can instantly be downloaded in both .srt or .ass file formats. 

And if a particular video does not have ready subtitles, you can engage us for a custom translation + subtitling service where we will create the subtitles from scratch.

JAV Films has subtitles and the latest trailers.

2. JAV Subtitled

JAV Subtitled is a great place to find a huge collection of Japanese adult video subtitle .srt files.

What's great is that you can easily purchase and download subtitles in multiple languages from the website — ranging from English, Chinese, Japanese, German, and even French.

And similar to us, JAV Subtitled also offers custom subtitling services that are slightly cheaper if the videos are longer or include multiple actresses.

JAV Subtitled lets you buy subtitles for thousands of movies.

3. ScanLover

ScanLover is a very popular online forum where community members discuss Japanese adult videos as well as "Asian beauties"

Not only does the site have a huge repository of JAV content, there's plenty of new community contributions there each day.

ScanLover is also a great place to find free JAV subtitles, as there are many members who share their collections there.

ScanLover is a popular adult forum with a huge community.

4. Reddit

Similar to ScanLover, Reddit is also another popular place where JAV fans hang out at. 

While Reddit was initially more of a website to discuss various non-adult topics, a large number of communities (also known as "Sub-Reddits") contain adult content.

In fact, there is even a dedicated JAV subreddit.

These communities also include many members who occasionally share subtitles, many of which are free to download as well.

Reddit is one of the world's largest discussion boards, with JAV subtitles communities too.

5. SubtitleCat

SubtitleCat is a great place to find free subtitles for nearly any movie out there, not just Japanese adult videos.

The website works on a "contribution and donation model", where members are able to both share and download subtitles without any charge, but are encouraged to donate to keep the service sustainable.

The only downside is many of the subtitles shared there may not be accurate (or are translated using robots), making it a very tedious process to find good quality ones.

SubtitleCat has new subtitles added each day by members. 

Add your JAV subtitles website to the list

While there are plenty more JAV subtitle websites out there in the market, these are the best and most reliable ones we've come across.

If you run a subtitling website and would like to add yours to the list, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to list your site for a low monthly fee (this helps us keep our services running for free).

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